Not Your Father's MacGyver: On the set of the reboot

MacGyver is making his way back to the small screen as part of CBS’ new fall 2016 lineup

Behind the scenes of MacGyver's tricks WMAZ

MacGyver is making his way back to the small screen as part of CBS’ new fall 2016 lineup beginning Friday, September 23.

Our Suzanne Lawler spent a day on the set to see how the folks behind the scenes are putting in a lot of work to keep up with the show’s original reputation.

Lucas Till, the actor who plays MacGyver, takes being prepared to the next level by using all kinds of crazy things to fight the bad guys.

“In this episode he's [MacGyver] made a torch, disarmed bombs and making paperclip art. You can't forget paperclip art,” said Kate Guanci.

Guanci is the head of the props department for this show, and she's got a huge job on this gig.

After all, a lot has changed in the 24 years since paperclips first got MacGyver out of a jam.

“Right now on my desk, I have three cell phones completely disassembled and a point-and-shoot digital camera completely disassembled. I have a couple of schematics on my laptop, a couple of YouTube videos,” said Guanci.

'MacGyver' stars speak about series and filming

She says everything you see can actually work and she's loved working with Till, who has a science background himself.

“I definitely paid attention to my physics class.  I was the only person to watch Interstellar and go, ‘hmmm, that makes sense actually,’ and my mom’s a chemist, so I at least got it somewhere up there,” said Till.

In the series, MacGyver has some key friends that help him along. His partner is played by George Eads, who you may remember from another popular CBS show – CSI.

“How is this different than CSI? You know, I think this is more fun for me because there is more action and I like doing my own stunts,” said Eads. “I like getting in there and doing the fighting.  We used to call the CSI set the ‘SS Enterprise’ because we were just always on the bridge walking along in there, so it's just good to be out on location.”

Bonus Interview: Behind the Scenes with the MacGyver Cast WMAZ

The show airs at 8 p.m. on Fridays -- during primetime -- which means even though the gadgets will work, the crew keep kids in mind when they set up the scenes, especially the explosives.

“I may have done a little of this and a little of that so it doesn't really work because I don't want kids to go home and hurt themselves when it comes to his props and gags that are really cool,” said Guanci. “Like my syringe made out of an eyedropper, some glass, and a pen. That sucker works, but some of my bombs, they might or might not, that's for me to know.”


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