Stillwater remembers Gregg Allman: 'They opened a humongous door for bands from the South'

The music world is singing a somber tune after the death of Gregg Allman.

Members of Stillwater remember Gregg Allman

The music world is singing a somber tune after the death of Gregg Allman.

The Allman Brothers Band influenced the music industry across the country, but plenty of local fans credit the group with putting Macon on the map.

Our Mary Grace Shaw sat down with members of the band Stillwater who say the Allman Brothers opened up the door for them.

“When they came along, they opened a humongous door for bands from the south,” said Stillwater guitarist Mike Causey.

Many say The Allman Brothers introduced the world to the southern rock genre alongside artists like Charlie Daniels and Barefoot Jerry

“They kind of had a little bit of everything. They had soul, R&B, rock and roll. Like I said, it was different,” said Causey.

In the late 1960s, Gregg Allman, his brother Duane, and four others came together to form the group.

Soon thereafter, they left Jacksonville, Fla., for Atlanta to be closer to the fledgling independent label Capricorn Records founded by the late Otis Redding’s manager, Phil Walden.

The band’s presence in Macon is credited as being the catalyst for the city’s cultural transformation.

Causey says it was Gregg's voice and the music behind it that shaped his band Stillwater.

“I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play guitar and do what we did,” said Causey.

He says they recorded at Macon’s Capricorn studios with The Allman Brothers. As a result, they ended up opening for the band in Texas.

“That was exciting you know because we wanted to do what they were doing,” said Causey.

However, it was at a small bar in Macon where Causey and his band member Rob Walker say they actually got to play onstage with Gregg.

“This police man that Gregg obviously knew came up and started going, ‘Gregg it’s time to go.’ And Gregg kind of leaned over and said, ‘Billy just a little longer please,’” said Walker.

It’s a memory that Walker says he will cherish forever.

“That was such a wonderful thing to witness. You know I wish we had him for a little bit longer now,” said Walker.


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