Teen Drivers Hit the Classroom Before the Road

5:06 PM, Jul 27, 2011   |    comments
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It may be summer vacation for Central Georgia's students, but some teens are still in the classroom this summer.

They're preparing for one of the most anticipated tests of their young lives--the driver's test.

During the first day of driver's ed at ABC Driving School, 16-year-old Sam Winski got a crash course on the dangers of texting and driving.

Sam and his classmates already have the freedom to talk and text in an instant, but they're working towards an even sweeter freedom.

Instructor Diana Humble says she hopes when her students sit behind the wheel, they remember sitting in her classroom.

"Just reading 'lol' could cause them to have a fatal accident where they are the one killed or they kill someone else," she says.

"I'm a fast texter," says Sam, but he says even with those kills, he knows keeping his pledge to make his car a no-phone zone will be tough. "Confidence is going to build up, and I'm going to think that I can handle it."

Sam's mom Kim says with a new driver in the car, she plans to lead by example. She says that, and knowing he's had time at the desk before hitting the road, will make handing over the keys a little easier.

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