Kemp Rules for Bibb County in Border Dispute

11:30 AM, Aug 23, 2011   |    comments
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  • Officials and reporters gathered to hear Kemp's decision on the Bibb-Monroe county line.
  • Secretary of State Brian Kemp announces border decision.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced that he has ruled in favor of Bibb County in its border dispute with Monroe County. Here is the ruling in its entirety.

He rejected a survey that would have moved millions of dollars in property to Monroe County, including part of the Bass Pro Shops property.

But Kemp said he hoped the counties could still work out an agreement on the border on their own. He said the only decision he could make was to accept or reject the survey taken by Terry Scarborough.

Kemp said Scarborough could be right -- but he wasn't comfortable moving the border line unless he was 100 percent sure.


Kemp toured the river last month to view the key spots in Scarborough's survey. He said the visit helped him make his ruling, but wasn't the deciding factor.

He visited the spot that Scarborough said marked the county line.

But he said, "There's a lot of doubt as to whether that's the right location....It could also be up the river....or it could also be somewhere in between."

The line was set in 1822, but for decades, the two counties have debated whether the current line is in the right place.

Kemp this year urged the counties this spring to settle the dispute themselves. But both sides told 13WMAZ this month that they were through negotiating and just waiting for Kemp's ruling.

Today, Kemp said the counties have several options from here: They could ask a grand jury to appoint a new surveyor, they could negotiate a new line, or they could choose to do nothing.

But Monroe County does not have the right to appeal the ruling in court.

Kemp wasn't sure which route the two counties would choose, but said, "I think everybody is ready to try to move forward."


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