Stepdaughter, Boyfriend Charged With Killing Baldwin County 72-Year-Old

5:34 PM, Oct 13, 2011   |    comments
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  • Mandle Charley Waters
  • Andre Brown
  • Ashleigh Ricks

Two people are accused of shooting and killing a Baldwin County 72-year-old last week.

Capt. Brad King of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Department said  says 23-year-old Ashleigh Ricks and 36-year-old Andre Brown were arrested Wednesday in Macon and charged with killing Mandle Charley Waters.

They are now in the Baldwin Co Jail, charged with murder and armed robbery.

"I just miss him so much," says Lynn Anderson.

For Anderson, news of her stepfather's murder hit hard.

"Knowing that he was gone and I'd never see him again was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but knowing that a family member took him was even harder," says Anderson.

72-year-old Mandle Charley Waters was shot to death last Friday.

But when Baldwin County deputies arrested her half sister, 23-year-old Ashleigh Ricks and her boyfriend 36-year-old Andre Brown Wednesday for murder and armed robbery it came as no shock.

"Ashleigh is a very troubled child, it started back when she was a teenager, she stayed in troubled in school, she's been in and out of jail in several different counties for several different things," she says.

Baldwin County Sheriff, Bill Massee, says this is Ricks' fourth arrest in Baldwin County. In 2008 she was picked up on 32 counts of deposit account fraud against Waters.That same day, her stepdad fronted the money to bail her out.

"This was a child that he raised from a baby and she killed him," says Anderson.

Anderson says Waters stepped in as a father for Ashleigh when he married their mother in 1990.

And several years ago, he adopted Ashleigh's daughter, Caylin, now five.

Anderson says it all happened for a quick buck.

"I want her to be able to tell me why she had to take his life, because $7 thousand is not worth a life."

She says he carried around wads of cash everyday.

"I've talked to him, and said, 'Poppa, you know you got way too much money on you, why don't you put it in the bank?' And he says, 'I'll never be away from home without enough money to get back.' And now he has so much money he didn't make it back," says Anderson.

It happened at Kemp Avenue and Lewis Court.

The Sheriff says Waters was giving Ricks and Brown a ride to her mobile home.

"Not only was he the victim by his stepdaughter, we even think he was the victim by his own handgun," says Sheriff Massee.

Massee says they believe Ricks stole the semi automatic gun from Waters home, and Brown shot him twice in the back through the driver's seat.

Witnesses say the two ran to the mobile home less than a mile away.

Family members say Waters helped so many young people around town, people called him "Poppa."

"He's gonna be missed so much, he did everything," Anderson says.

Anderson says Waters was a long-time employee at Shaw's Industry in Milledgeville, which shut down several years ago.

She says Ricks is involved in the Bloods gang, and Sheriff Massee says they're investigating whether that is true.

Massee says the pair could face the death penalty or life without parole for murder and armed robbery.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating.

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