Warren Superintendent Questions Hancock Fight Investigation

10:18 AM, Nov 11, 2011   |    comments
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Warren County's school superintendent is saying the Hancock County sheriff hasn't investigated a brawl after a football game fairly, and she says she took a polygraph test to prove her point.

The football coach for Warren County was seriously injured in an Oct. 14 brawl after a game in Sparta against Hancock Central High. One Hancock player reportedly struck coach David Daniel in the face with his helmet as Warren County left the field and headed to the locker room.

Warren County, the visiting team, won 21-2.

The GBI and the Hancock County sheriff's office are reportedly  investigating the brawl and who hit Daniel.

On Friday, Carol Jean Carey, the district's superintendent, questioned how Hancock County handled both the brawl and the investigation afterwards.

She says Hancock County Sheriff Tomlyn Primus questioned her facts when they talked recently.

So, Carey says, she volunteered to take a polygraph test on Monday, run by a retired GBI agent.




In answering four questions, she said:

-- Primus denied her request for a GBI investigation of the brawl.

-- The sheriff told her he would only investigate the case "from the Hancock County point of view."

-- Primus also said if she wanted someone to investigate the case "from the Warren Count point of view, you'll have to get someone else to do it."

-- And she said, through Monday, the Hancock sheriff had not interviewed any Warren County players or school officials about the fight.

She said she passed the polygraph test, and she has offered to share the results with the media.

She said Friday, "The Hancock County sheriff says his investigation showed that his officers acted appropriately. Well, I disagree with that. He finished that investigation without talking to anyone from our side."

She said the principal of Warren County High School, Kaveous Preston, also took a polygraph test.

She said he said that a Hancock school official told him that no Hancock players were pepper-sprayed by deputies on the scene.

He also said that a Hancock deputy told him,  "I don't care who you are...move back or I'll whip your ass with this stick."

And he said Hancock County officials denied their request to move their bus inside the fence at the football field, so Warren County could board their bus directly from the field. Warren officials believe that could have prevented the brawl.

Again, she said, the polygraph confirmed Preston's answers.

"We felt that the uniformed officers on the scene didn't do what was needed, and did do things they shouldn't have done," she said.

Hancock Sheriff Primus declined comment Friday.

Joe Wooten, assistant special agent in charge of the GBI's Milledgeville office, said the case is still under investigation. He said they could have some findings by early December.



Carey said Coach Daniel is still recovering slowly from surgery to repair broken bones in his face. She said he is still frail and pale.













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