D.A. Says Football Fight Must Be Handled in Hancock

8:57 PM, Dec 20, 2011   |    comments
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Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Fred Bright, says Hancock County will handle the case of the mid-October fight between two rival high schools because that's where it happened.

"The reason jurisdiction by law is in Hancock County is because that's the county where the crime occurred and there is no exception to that," Bright says.

The brawl happened as Warren and Hancock County high school football players were leaving the field after a Warren County win.

It left Warren's coach, David Daniel, with severe facial injuries after he was hit in the face with a football helmet.

Warren County's school superintendent has accused the Hancock County sheriff of favoring Hancock in the case.

Bright says he doesn't know why questions are being raised about where to review the case.

"People can question it," Bright says, "but that's the law it's that simple. And there is no exception to it."

In a news release Monday, Bright said GBI officials wrapped up their two-month investigation.

"It consisted of 135 interviews, 12 volumes, we've sat down and we've talked about the case," he says.

Grand jury, Bright says, is the next step.

"This is all we can do. Send it to a grand jury and they are the ultimate decision as to what will happen to the case, who will or will not be charged, with what or whatnot crime," Bright says.

Bright says the case will be taken to a grand jury in a few weeks.

We couldn't reach Coach Daniel for comment Tuesday.

We asked people in downtown Sparta Tuesday for their opinion about the investigation but they either said they didn't know enough about the case or they didn't want to be shown on camera.

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