Suspicious Fires Hit Warner Robins Trailer Park

12:28 PM, Jan 7, 2012   |    comments
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Warner Robins fire investigators call a wave of recent mobile home fires "suspicious."

They say four homes caught fire within a month in the Holiday Riviera Trailer Park.

Doug Cook has lived in a mobile home in the park for four years.

But within the past week, three vacant mobile homes near his burnt nearly to the ground.

"Two behind me, well one behind me, one next door to me and one the street over," he says.

Thursday night, only remnants of 1110 Brentwood Road could be saved.

"My concerns are that where I live the trees are going to catch and eventually it's going to be more than one trailer at a time," Cook says.

Laura Novak manages the Holiday Riviera Trailer Park, she says fire officials told her four trailer fires this month are related.

"The only thing we know right now is that it's arson. All we know at this time is that there's someone going around just setting the homes on fire," Novak says.

She says officials told her gasoline was used to set all four fires.
Captain James Franklin with the Warner Robins Fire Department confirmed the investigation and calls the fires suspicious.

But the burning trailers aren't the only ones facing damage.

"Because that one was so hot, it damaged all the vinyl siding and the porch on the trailer next door," Cook says, pointing to a neighbor's home.

Cook says his home hasn't been affected, but some others on his street aren't so lucky.

"There was one there and it bunt all the way to the ground."

Novak says the trailer park is working with the police department and hope to put a stop to the blazes soon.

Novak says she plans to talk to their corporate office in Florida about adding extra security to the trailer park after dark.

Last month, the city said the Holiday Riviera owes the city more $157,144.12 in unpaid utility bills.

A letter from the city clerk to the owner, a Florida company, says the bills have to be paid by March or the utilities will be shut off.

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