Students Applaud Fort Valley Musical Theater Teacher

7:21 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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Joselyn Miller-Jackson teaches musical theater at Fort Valley Middle School, but when she found out her students think she's tops, she was speechless.

"I'm just surprised, overwhelmed," she said, "I'm so humbled."

Seventh-grader Dwayne Wilder nominated Miller-Jackson.

"She supports, helps, et cetera, until we get it right," he said, "She's the best teacher ever."

Dwayne was one of the students in a December production of "Something Like a Charlie Brown Christmas." He says they couldn't have pulled it off without Miller-Jackson.

"She's a great teacher, and she sticks with us every time we need her help," he said.

Wyatt Robinson says he's known Ms. Miller-Jackson for three years. He says she's helped with his singing.

"She's a very good teacher," he said. "She helps students find their voice and things like that."

"I'm almost as surprised as she is." said eight-grader Kavon Kellog. "I can't imagine how she feels."

Kellog says Miller-Jackson's class is one of his favorites.

"It's unorthodox,"he said, "I mean there's no other class like it."

"We have been through so many good and bad times," said Tamirah McKenzie. "She's one of my favorite teachers in the whole school."

McKenzie says she's not surprised Miller-Jackson burst into tears when she received her award.

"She's an emotional, fun, happy person," she said, "she loves singing and working with her students."

Miller-Jackson says her students are now writing a play for Black History Month. She says she knows they will do a great job on it like they've been doing all year

"These children wanted to do theater arts this year and Principal Dastous was kind enough to let us do it and we had a ball, we had a ball."

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