Salecia Johnson's Parents Meet With Sharpton's Group

3:11 PM, Apr 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA/13WMAZ) -- The parents of Salecia Johnson, the 6-year-old Milledgeville girl who was arrested and handcuffed, met with representatives of Al Sharpton's group, the National Action Network on Friday.

Salecia's parents spoke with leaders with the Atlanta chapter of Rev. Sharpton's community action organization.

A statement issued beforehand by the National Action Network said Johnson's parents hoped the meeting would encourage Milledgeville police to change their protocol for dealing with children.

Last Friday, a police officer handcuffed Johnson at Creekside Elementary School in the principal's office where the officer said the girl had thrown a temper tantrum. According to the police incident report, the girl threw items and knocked over a shelf that hit the principal, Dianne Popp. The officer walked Salecia in handcuffs to a patrol car and drove her to the Milledgeville Police Department.

According to acting Police Chief Dray Swicord, Salecia was uncuffed at police headquarters and sat in the squad room until her aunt arrived to pick her up.

Milledgeville Police defended their action, saying they handcuffed the girl for her safety and the safety of her classmates.

Swicord said it's Milledgeville police protocol to handcuff anyone arrested and taken to police headquarters.

According to the police report, the principal said she called Salecia to her office after the girl pushed two other students and threw items off her teacher's desk.

Swicord said Salecia was not charged because of her age.

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