Bibb Co. School Officials Discussing Discipline

4:52 PM, May 21, 2012   |    comments
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Bibb County school officials have launched a Discipline Task Force to begin the lengthy process of improving discipline and safety in public schools. 

Deputy Superintendent of Student Affairs Edward Judie, Jr., surveyed members of the new task force on a variety of topics ranging from the power of school principals to suspend students, holding evidentiary hearings, making the Code of Conduct easier for parents to follow and complying with Georgia state law. 

He used the survey to facilitate the discussion that touched on a wide range of issues, including uniforms, consistency in the rules, and parental involvement. 

Judie said 60 people called his office to volunteer for the task force, though 40 showed up to the inaugural meeting. The group is made of several retired educators, school employees, and concerned community members, including Sarah Mincey Hunt, Bill Knowles and Marie Harris. 

Judie says it may take up to four months to complete the task force's work, thought only four meetings are currently scheduled through July. 

He says their first task will be to review to the Code of Conduct, now called the Guidelines For Success, and complete any changes before school starts. 


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