Four Accused of Twiggs County Home Invasion

12:04 PM, Jun 5, 2012   |    comments
  • Donald Stanley
  • Dennis Jones
  • Greg King
  • Paul Stafford
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The Twiggs County sheriff says four men attacked a man in his home, tortured him and robbed him.

They say they now have the four men in custody.

At a news conference this morning, they say the men attacked Robert Luce, beat him and tied him up with duct tape.

They allegedly stuck red hot scissors in his back and demanded that he tell them where he had his money.

After torturing him for about 30 minutes, the sheriff says, they left with cash and laptops and left a gas stove on to try to kill him.

Luce reported freed himself from the duct tape and called 911.

The sheriff's department says they've arrested Paul Stafford, Gregory King, Denis Jones and Donald Stanley. The four men face various robbery and burglary charges.

Check back with for updates on this story today.

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