How Accurate is Your Car's Thermometer?

4:46 PM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
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13WMAZ meteorologist John Boyer takes a long look at the high temperatures viewers have been submitting from their car thermometers and examines what makes them so different from other thermometers.

The photo gallery below are examples of record-breaking temperatures taken from various places like cars, people's porches, etc.

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In 2007, USA Today answered questions about high temperatures, and meteorologist Bob Swanson, assistant weather editor of USA Today, had this to say about the accuracy of car thermometers and bank thermometers.

Q: Why do bank thermometers tend to run warm? And how accurate are car thermometers?

A: Quite often, the temperature sensors for bank thermometers aren't placed in the shade away from pavement and other objects. This leads to temperature readings that exceed the "official" temperature, typically taken at the nearest airport. Car thermometers, often located behind the front bumper or near the grill, are typically well-shaded. Locating the sensor near fresh air intakes helps to prevent an influence from the engine compartment. However, car thermometers can run slightly warm, mainly due to the warming influence of pavement.

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