Macon Homeless Meters Locations Mapped Out

3:10 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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The Leadership Macon group has narrowed down their choices for homeless meter locations from 14 down to 10.

They presented those options to a Macon city council committee Tuesday.

Mechel McKinley with the organization says they chose the spots throughout downtown Macon with the most pedestrian traffic.

She says, "The more people see them, the more they'll understand the program and what we're doing."

Some of the locations include the corner of Second and Cherry Streets and in front of city hall.

Before installation, they will scratch one of the locations off the list because they only plan to install nine meters.

People and businesses can sponsor one of the meters for $2,500 a year or $6,000 for three years. The second option also allows the business to put their logo on the meter.

That money plus the change collected at each donation station will be given to organizations who work with the homeless.

McKinley says each meter will take around $1,000 to install, but they still hope to raise between $70,00 to $90,000.

Installation will start on October 30th.

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