My Teacher is Tops: Oak Hill Middle School

9:55 PM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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Chuck Claxton, the 7th grade Life Science teacher at Oakhill Middle School, doesn't have to wish any longer. He's this week's My Teacher is Tops winner.

Mr. Claxton has been teaching for 18 years, six of them at Oakhill Middle.

"I like to have fun at work. Life's too short to go through days that are monotonous. I love to laugh myself and I love to have fun. This age is a great age because they're able to accept fun," says Mr. Claxton.

Some students say Mr. Claxton's teaching style makes what could be boring subjects fun.

"The jokes and the singing that he teaches us and it helps us remember cells and everything that he's teaching us easily," says student Eric Burch.

Nykria Ruff, another student, agrees, "Mr. Claxton has always been joyful and funny and always gives us something that's really helpful to help us learn about what we don't know."

Instead of using books, Mr. Claxton is more hands on, even teaching beyond the classroom

Mr. Claxton says he loves watching 13WMAZ, but never imagined being nominated.

"It's one of those things you see on tv in the mornings and it's so excited to see teachers celebrating. But I was very surprised," says Mr. Claxton.

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