Guardian Centers of Georgia Prepares to Open

7:34 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Guardian Centers of Georgia has transformed the Old Northrup facility into a first responder facility. 

The idea behind the facility is to give first responders simulated experience of a natural or man-made disaster. 

Geoff Burkart, the CEO said that it's a proud moment to see it all come to life. 

"For me it's very gratifying, but more importantly the idea has come to fruition because of all of the professionals that have input for this project everything that you have seen represents their thoughts, their needs, what they see over the horizon," said Burkart. 

First responders will experience different ways to test their skills, like tackling a building that is falling apart from a disaster, rescuing people from a flooded neighborhood, or a subway in an urban disaster. 

"When you are training, you are trying to fully immerse yourself into the play of the problem. That's the best way to do training, to really truly immerse themselves into what a city would look like, what a cityscape will look like what a town would like and actually get accurate and effective feedback when they're training," said Burkart. 

Guardian Centers says they'll be open for business in December but fully operational sometime next year. When that happens, they'll need about 100 employees for operations and logistics-type of jobs, like picking up the rubble after a simulated disaster.

Their employment web site is still under construction, but you can email your resume

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