Foundation Plans to Restore Perry's Muse Theater

8:26 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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A building that's been closed for over thirty years is getting a face lift. A non profit organization has taken on the task of restoring the Muse theater in downtown Perry.

Billy Milby says he's opened the door to his dream. Beyond the cobwebs left behind, lies his new hobby.

"In here we'd have some bathrooms in here is the projection room." explains Milby.

Built in the fifties, the theater mainly showed movies. You can still see signs of its history like two entrances, before segregation.

Milby says the theater closed in the eighties but he hopes with help from his non profit organization, he can get it back up and running.

He's partnered with seven others to form the Muse Theatre Foundation and they're working on securing their 501c3 non profit status. Then he says the Fox theater institute in Atlanta will help them find grants.

"The condition of the building is quite fantastic the roof was redone not too long ago, structurally it's all sound there's just a lot of paint and fit and finish that needs to be done." explains Milby.

He says the local feedback has been great.  "I've had people tell me they had their first kiss here, they saw their first james bond movie here." says Milby.

It's empty now, but he hopes the theater will fit around 170 people. He also plans to add a lounge and coffee shop in the balcony.

The goal is to project digital and 35mm films, a stage for bands to perform and all at a low price. "We want it to be affordable, we want the concessions to be affordable."

He says he's just starting out with his plans, but it's hard not to see the potential the theater has to offer.

To find out how you can help with the restoration of the Muse Theatre visit The Muse Foundation's website.

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