13WMAZ Employee Recalls Gas Station Shooting Scene

5:13 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: PHOTOS | Fatal Gray Hwy Gas Station Shooting
Amateur video of shooting scene. Witnesses say a man in a wheelchair shot Linda Hunnicutt. The car is Hunnicutt's.
 PDF Document: READ Narrative of Shooting Scene from Macon Police report

13WMAZ's Production Manager Barbara Temple was in the parking lot near the east Macon gas station as Linda Hunnicutt was shot.

Temple says she saw people trying to help Hunnicutt, who died from a gunshot to the chest.

Witnesses and police say 73-year old Frank Louis Reeves shot Hunnicutt. They were arguing after Reeves's motorized wheelchair hit Hunnicutt's car.

Reeves is now charged with felony murder.

Temple saw a woman asking Reeves why he had shot Hunnicutt, and says Reeves remained in his wheelchair next to the car.

After overhearing that he had shot Hunnicutt, Temple says she told a police officer that he may still have the weapon.

She said several officers drew their weapons, searched Reeves and took the 38-caliber revolver from him.

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