Six Bibb Co. Students Suspended Since Friday

4:21 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
Campus Police conducted unannounced, randomized searches of two high schools, arresting one student for drug possession.
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Since last Friday, six students have been suspended from Bibb County schools for a variety of incidents ranging from public indecency to striking a teacher. 

According to a news release, these students were charged and suspended for the following incidents:

  • November 30 - A 14-year-old Elam Alexander student was suspended after exposing his genitals in the presence of several students on.
  • December 3 - A 17-year-old Hutchings student was charged with criminal trepass for going to Northeast High School despite being told she was not allowed there. She was transported to the Bibb jail.
  • December 3 - A 17-year-old Central High student was charged after allegedly stealing an "electronic gaming device" from another student. He was taken to the Bibb jail.
  • December 5 - Two 14-year-old females at Bloomfield Middle School got into a fight. One was charged after a teacher was struck as he attempted to break up the fight. The injury did not require medical attention.
  • December 6 - A 17-year-old Hutchings student was charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute after allegedly taking a bag of marijuana on school property and trying to hide it under straw outside the school. He was also charged with obstruction and making terroristic threats after resisting arrest and threatening campus police. He was taken to the Bibb jail.

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