Athlete of the Week: Taylor Thorpe

8:01 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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It's not uncommon for high school kids to blow out a knee.

But it's a tough road to get back to one hundred percent. Suzanne Lawler introduces you to Taylor Thorpe.

She is a Howard Huskie who runs the plays as a point guard.
Her determination and true grit in the classroom and on the court make her our Athlete of the Week.

It's the start of the basketball season for the Huskies. And head coach Latavia Coleman is pretty thankful her point guard Taylor Thorpe is back in action. She suffered an ACL injury last winter.

"She tore it at the end of the season in the region tournament," Coleman recalled, "And so losing her was a great hit I think we would have made it a lot further if she hadn't gotten hurt."

It's still a sensitive topic for Taylor Thorpe

"It was shocking more than anything," Taylor said.

Thorpe says it was tough to digest a permanent spot on the bench in the post-season.
The Huskies made it to the state tournament but lost in the first round.

"I think for me the most shocking part was just realizing an injury can happen to anybody. It's not a limitation on who or who cannot get hurt," Thorpe explained.

She's right. Anyone can get hurt, but not everyone can battle back like Thorpe did.

"She had her surgery in February and in June she was back playing and so the kid worked extremely hard to get back and I didn't expect her to be back so soon but she's working hard and she's about 90 percent," Coleman said, "She's a tough kid and she wants to be the best at whatever it is."

That drive includes her grades. The senior carries a three point three grade point average. She gets it done by not only juggling practice and her homework.

She spends time working meeting with other kids outside campus.
"We have homework groups and just interact with my classmates out of school working outside to improve our grades in class," Thorpe said.

Her coach calls her gritty.

But sometimes things can happen for a reason and all that rehab clarified what Thorpe wants to do in the future.

"I decided I wanted to do physical therapy after I got hurt because I want to prevent and recover and help people recover from other injuries."

Howard is currently 2-0, they play Rutland Friday night.

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