Woman Driving Calls 911, Wants $300K to Pull Over

1:59 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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Brunswick County, NC (CNN) - A woman, who was being chased by police, called 911 and told dispatchers to pay $300,000, or she would not pull over! North Carolina police released the call, where Jennifer Herring claims the officers were declaring a false sense of emergency. She said that comes with a $300,000 fine and she wanted it paid immediately.

Dispatcher: "Can you just pull over for the officer?"

Herring: "No! I'm not pulling over, because pulling over is voluntary. Why am I going to pull over for you? I'm not doing nothing wrong. You told me there is no emergency. If there is nothing emergency, it's $300,000. Are you ready to pay the $300,000?"

Dispatcher: "Ma'am, I am not the officer."

Herring: "Are you ready to pay the $300,000? That's all I want to know. If you guys want to pay the 300 grand, then I'll pull over for you. I will pull over for 300 grand. That is my offer, and I'm asking you to accept it."

Dispatcher: "Ma'am, this is 911. I'm not the officer, okay?"

Herring: "I'm not giving you the opportunity to make (inaudible). I'm asking you if you want to incur a $300,000 debt. Do you want to incur it or not?"

Herring did eventually stop, when the road reached a dead end.
She told the 911 dispatcher she "approved this message" before hanging up.

She's facing a handful of charges, including DWI, fleeing to elude arrest and driving with a revoked license.

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