Two Macon Council Members Speak Out on Sammie Davis Jr. Shooting

1:02 PM, Jan 1, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Councilman Henry Gibson Speaks Out

  • Henry Ficklin
  • Henry Gibson

Two Macon City Council members say police have mishandled the investigation of a officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed man.

Henry Gibson and Henry Ficklin spoke out Monday after police and Bibb County's new district attorney said they've asked the GBI to look into the case.

Sammie Davis Jr. died on Dec. 21, about an hour after Officer Clayton Sutton shot him three times.

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Police say they struggled outside the Kroger on Pio Nono Avenue and that Sutton's face was cut.

But they have not explained why the officer shot Davis, who had no criminal record.

On Monday, Ficklin released a letter he sent today to Mayor Robert Reichert.

He asked


  • Why the officer used deadly force;
  • Why the internal investigation took more than a week;
  • Why police initially said the officer was serving a warrant on Davis...which was wrong;
  • Why police have not interviewed all the witnesses to the shooting.


Gibson, a retired police investigator, also says police mishandled the crime scene by not questioning all the witnesses. He also says the GBI should have been called in last week.

On Monday, Reichert released his own statement.

He said he met with Davis' family to assure them that the shooting would be investigated fully and fairly.

Reichert told 13WMAZ he has confidence that police have done a good job with the Davis case.

David Cooke officially takes office Tuesday as Bibb County District Attorney.

He told us today he reviewed the case file with Macon police and they agreed to call in the GBI.

Cooke says he expects them to start their investigation Wednesday.

Last week, 13WMAZ reported how Officer Clayton Sutton had been disciplined more than a dozen times in less than six years.

He's been accused of excessive force, rudeness, intimidating the public and being invlvled in several cruiser accidents.

Police have declined to discuss his record.

Sutton remains on administrative leave.

Councilman Ficklin's Letter to Mayor Reichert

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