How Do Flu Vaccines Work?

7:54 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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New data from the Centers for Disease Control show that Georgia is among the 42 states that now has "widespread" flu.

A weekly statewide report also showed that 5.23%, or around 1 in 20 doctor's visits in the state for the last week in December were for flu.

One common way of avoiding influenza is getting a flu shot.  According to the CDC, flu shots work by injecting antigens, a small dose of the actual disease into body, a dose which is designed to not make you sick.  However, it does trigger your body's reaction to the disease by building up the necessary antibodies to fight it off.  Those antibodies can then fight off the actual disease.

Despite the statistics, some Macon pharmacies we spoke with said they do not currently have any shortages of Tamiflu, and David Graves of Graves pharmacy says he's only seen several dozen people coming in with flu since October.

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