Disc Golf Comes to Perry

7:45 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Golf courses are fairly common in Central Georgia, but what about disc golf courses? The City of Perry just added one.

Councilman Joe Posey got the idea from a recreation conference and brought it back to Perry.

Posey says the total cost of the eighteen-hole course sits around $7500, but the city didn't use tax money to build it.

"All the money to build this course has come from sponsors. We've asked people to sponsor holes very similar to what golf courses do, and we've asked for donations," explains Posey.

It's free to play. Just bring your own discs, and the holes range from 200 to 260 yards.

"Disc golf is just like regular golf. You throw the disc and according to how many throws you have, that's your score on the hole. If it takes you three throws to get into the basket, they're called catchers, by the way, it's a par four. You've made a birdie. If it's a par three, you've made a par," explains Posey.

Even Mayor Jimmy Faircloth has thrown a few. "It's like throwing a frisbee, but there is some degree of skill with it. The frisbee throwing that I've done is just get somewhere in the general vicinity of what you're aiming at. This takes a little bit more skill. They have different discs for different throws, they even have what they call a putter disc," says Posey

Both Posey and Mayor Faircloth hope the course brings families to Rozar Park for fun and relaxation.

The Disc Golf Course is located in Rozar Park. That's off of Keith Drive near Houston Lake Road in Perry.

Perry will host their first disc golf tournament next Saturday, January 26th. For more information, call (478) 988-2860.

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