How Does a Convicted Murderer Get His Hands on 13 Guns?

11:20 AM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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WATERTOWN TOWNSHIP, Minn. (KARE) -- How does a man, just 18 years removed from murdering his mother and being mentally ill and dangerous get released from custody and get his hands on an arsenal of guns and ammunition and be able to fire them at will on his property for years without so much as a peep from law enforcement?

Those are the questions that are all now part of the investigation into 32-year-old Christian Oberender.

Investigators in Carver County say Oberender may have been able to purchase some of his 13 guns legally because his name didn't pop up any red flags on a BCA background check.


Carver County says it doesn't know what records were or weren't sent to the BCA back in 1995 when the murder of Mary Oberender, Christian's mother, occurred at their family home in Watertown Township.

That was before the fingerprints that make up the BCA check were digital.

The BCA says it knows why.

A BCA spokesperson said the agency never received any such record on Oberender back then.

In that statement the BCA said:

"The BCA relies on entities in the criminal justice system to provide data on an individual which then populates the individual's criminal history. There were no data submitted to the BCA about this individual - without it there can be no record."

On Wednesday afternoon, Carver County Sheriff's Department Investigator Jason Kamerud said that the way authorities found Oberender with guns recently was because the Sheriff recognized his name on a complaint from a woman about photos on Facebook of Oberender with guns.

The sheriff worked the murder of Mary Oberender back in 1995 and knew something had to be done because Oberender, shouldn't have guns in his possession, at all.

Oberender remains in jail tonight on one million dollars bond.

Kamerud also said authorities have been called to the Oberender home 13 times since 1995, including the homicide call.

Those calls range from property damage reports, fire alarms mishaps and one report of a person shooting guns this past July.

Neighbors say Christian Oberender was the one shooting those guns.

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