Bleckley Man Says Sinkhole Swallowed 2.5-Acre Pond

8:01 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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A Bleckley County man says a pond on his property disappeared overnight because of a sinkhole. 

A sinkhole happens when groundwater eats away underground bedrock causing the earth above it to collapse.

Around 2 a.m., "We heard a loud roar like a freight train," Oliver Hodge says. "We get up this morning to go up and eat breakfast, and we didn't have no water in the pond."

The 2.5-acre pond was completely drained, and Hodge says it's because of a sinkhole.

"It's just a mess, and my wife is just real upset about it because after what happened down in Florida, this guy falling in, this is probably 30 yards from my son's house," he says.

The 68-year-old found a smaller sink hole in his pond two months ago and wanted to fix the problem.

"I had EPA come down here, the state department, the road department came down. The sheriff's department came down. Everybody tell me there ain't nothing we can do about it," says Hodge.

The smaller problem fixed itself, but this sinkhole is a cause for concern.

"I've got four grandkids, and they love to fish. That's the reason that peninsula was built out there for them to fish off of like a dock. But now I'm not even going to let him here where I'm sitting. I'm not gonna let them come out here," he says.

Hodge says this is family land and will stay until he feels his safety is compromised.

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