WR Council Repeals Trucker Parking Ordinance

8:45 AM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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Members of Warner Robins city council decided to take back a decision they made two weeks ago.

Council started their meeting with winners of the city's ADVANCE program. That's program that teaches fifth graders the importance of staying away from drugs.

And they closed out their meeting with a reversal of a newly passed parking ordinance.

Two weeks ago council passed an ordinance prohibiting semis from parking in commercial lots longer than two hours, but Monday night they had a change of heart.

"This council is not against any trucking form, we were just trying to take care of a situation that was in our community that we felt like needed to be done." explained Councilwoman Carolyn Robbins. She said, "I'm so sorry that this got as much publicity as it did because it shouldn't have."

"I don't think council felt comfortable when they voted on this decision. I don't think it was well-thought or researched, but I think now we've learned more about the trucking industry and the federal regulations." said Mayor Chuck Shaheen. He added, "Warner Robins is going to be a trucker friendly city."

Council discussed a revision to the ordinance that would increase the allotted parking time from two hours to twelve hours, but in the end decided to get rid of the ordinance all together.

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