Trees Fall into Homes, Destroy Press Box in Macon

6:57 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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Dixie Aguilar will be happy to tell you what happened last night at her Lake Wildwood home, if you can reach her doorbell.  That's because her front yard is covered with a fallen tree.

She says she was reading and heard a loud noise. "I came outside to see what it was, and then I realized I can't go outside. I have no access to my porch," she says.

Since then she's been in contact with her insurance company to handle structural damage to the porch and assessing how much it may cost to have the large tree removed.

Three doors down from Aguilar, Earl Lurain and his wife had been visiting from St. Petersburg, Fla. They were watching TV and had left the room to put on pajamas.

"We came back, and right where we were sitting, the tree came through the roof."

Lurain says they had to hurry in crews to remove the tree quickly so the weight of it would not take down the back wall of the house.

Several others houses in that neighborhood had similar damage. There were also some downed trees at nearby Lake Tobesofkee.

At the Fist Presbyterian Day School, the whole press box at the football field was destroyed. School officials they say, they have it under control and should be able to replace it without much trouble.

"We're just grateful there was no loss of life and injuries," says school spokesperson Cal Powell. "We were spared."

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