Sutton: "Not Happy About Having to Kill a Guy"

7:32 AM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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District Attorney David Cooke's office released video from the Kroger shooting to 13WMAZ through an open records request.

The videos include dashboard cameras from Officer Clayton Sutton's patrol car and an officer who responded for backup. Neither car shows the actual shooting, since Sutton's car was facing the opposite direction and he didn't turn on the camera until after shooting Sammie Davis, Jr. 

The other camera shows an officer arriving to see Sutton still standing with his gun out facing the direction where Davis would have been sitting wounded out of frame.

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The D.A.'s office also released videotaped interviews with witnesses and Sutton himself.  A few hours after the shooting, Sutton sat down with investigators and described the shooting in his own words.

Although the investigation later showed Davis was unarmed, Sutton said in the heat of moment, when he says Davis lunged at him and cut his neck, he only had seconds to react and was "just scared." 

Later in the tape, two investigators left the room, leaving Sutton with his police union the lawyer. The lawyer asks Sutton what he thought about the shooting.  Before Sutton could answer, the others return.

Towards the end of that video, when the others walk out again, Sutton finishes their conversation, telling his lawyer, "I'm not happy about having to kill a guy, but I'm not going to put my life in jeopardy."

The lawyer responded, "Oh, hell no."

Shortly after some conversation about gun control, the video ends.

Sutton was cleared of any criminal charges by D.A. David Cooke, but Macon Police are still conducting a Shooting Review Board to see if any police protocol were violated, and that could still take another week or so.

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