Ga. Farmers Ready For Sweet Vidalia Onion Season

4:15 PM, Mar 30, 2013   |    comments
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Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black announced that the official shipping date for this year's Vidalia onions will start April 15th. Peach state Farmers are getting ready for the season.

13WMAZ caught up with Randall Morris of Morris Farms who said this season has been good for his onions. He said he has over 2.5 million onions on his 45 acres of land.

"It's been unusually cold  but that doesn't bother an onion too much. It's been, uh, the onion season this year are going to be a very good quality at this point in the game," said Morris.

"We've had plenty of water this time our pivots have not run as much as it normally does. We got a lot of natural rain and it just looks like a good season that's on schedule."

He said the cooler weather and more natural water will equal a better and sweeter onion.

"The onions have a high sugar content, and they're a vegetable that's really great for you it's a good helpful, it's a good nutritious vegetable that tastes good," said Morris.

While he hasn't determined the price of this year's crop, he thinks it could be good for shoppers.

"It's like everything else for us to stay in business you have to make a reasonable profit so that's what we shoot for every year," said Morris. "And I think the prices will be kind of normal in store this time of what you can expect to see."

You can buy Morris Vidalia onions online at

Morris said he thinks they will start shipping in May.

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