Female Paintball Team Represents Central Ga. in Ca. Tournament

2:28 PM, Mar 30, 2013   |    comments
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An all women's paintball team from Perry is taking no prisoners. 

"It's not a female sport to be honest. It's male dominated and I just want to encourage other girls to play," says Lethal Ladies' Erin Widmer.

At Big Indian Paintball, the Lethal Ladies prepared for a local tournament. 

The competitions will ready the Ladies for the Women's Paintball Tournament in California new week. 

"If a male can go out there, a female can go out there. So I encourage everybody, female, male, anybody that wants to try the sport, to do it," says Daisy Hale of the Lethal Ladies.

It's the first time there will be an all women's paintball tournament in America and a central Georgia team is stepping up to the plate. 

"The boys look at us," says Lethal Ladies' Pamela Yuill, "and say 'oh that's an easy win.' But it's not as easy as they thought."

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