Surveillance Cameras Keep an Eye on Macon

3:31 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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In the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, surveillance video from a nearby store proved crucial in finding the two suspects in the case.

But while Macon may be a much smaller city than Boston, a large part of it is still covered on camera, especially in the downtown area.

"Some of them belong to the city, some of them belong to private entities throughout downtown," says Bibb County Sheriff David Davis. "But when you get into some of the outlying areas in some of the smaller communities, there's not as many."

One downtown organization with a large camera presence is the Medical Center of Central Georgia.  It has a surveillance system that covers much of the downtown streets surrounding it, as well as a helipad camera with an even wider view.

Occasionally, the Medical Center will be requested by police to turn over footage when they need help solving a crime.

"Anytime that you can get any camera footage, certainly that's used to your advantage," says Medical Center Police Chief Quentin Jude. "You can identify a vehicle, you can identify an individual."

But while situations like Boston are uncommon in Macon, the city regularly experiences burglaries, and Macon Police Lt. David Freeland of the property division says he makes regular checks of businesses to make sure their cameras are up to date.

"Their intentions are to break into something when no one's around," says Freeland. So if we didn't have the video, obviously they would get away scot-free because there's nothing to record anything."

But while cameras can be a useful tool, according to Sheriff Davis, "there's nothing beats a pair of eyes of a person walking down the street" in cracking cases.

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