Friends Make Over Macon Woman's Backyard

9:28 PM, Apr 19, 2013   |    comments
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A Macon mother and her family went on vacation and came back to a backyard they didn't recognize.

That's because friends and a group of volunteers worked tirelessly to transform her backyard into an oasis.

The idea came about when friends wanted to give Wendie Cheek a gift that would bring her peace. The backyard transformation for the Cheek family had to be put on hold as Wendie battled a disease.

"She got diagnosed with another tumor and had to go in for more treatment, so that kind of got stopped short and it sort of left the backyard in a disaster area," said Matthew Cheek of Macon, who is also Wendie's brother-in-law.

"With Wendie possibly going into treatment again, we wanted her to have a place where her and her family can go and chill and enjoy and just relax, just forget about everything else," said P.J. Flores of Macon, who spearheaded the idea of the backyard makeover.

Cheek's family went on vacation for two days, and during that time, around 30 volunteers worked tirelessly to get it all done before they came home.

"It was just amazing how we started out with something that was pretty rough and in the end it was something so beautiful," said Flores.

"Just to be able to sit out here and not focus on what needs to be done in the house and just to focus on how pretty it is outside, and it's just been a blessing," said Wendie Cheek.

She's also glad that she can share her oasis with her family, especially her children.

"As a momma, that's all you want you just want your kids to feel secure and loved in the midst of everything that's going on," said Wendie. "So to see them to be able to play on the playground and have fun and take their mind off of mommy's cancer is just great."

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