Wilcox County Holds First Racially Integrated Prom

7:45 AM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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Limos, pictures, proud parents, and dancing are all part of your average prom.

But with the national media spotlight on Wilcox County's prom this year, it almost seemed more like a Hollywood event than a high school prom.

That's because for the first time in its history, Wilcox County students held a racially integrated prom Saturday night at the Cordele Community Clubhouse in Crisp County.

For years Wilcox has had privately-run segregated proms because the school system does not sponsor them. Over the years, that's led to separate "white" and "black" proms.

But this year, a group of students worked to change that, organizing their own integrated prom. Despite some backlash from some in their town, they say it was worth it in end.  

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Not only did they get a high turnout, but many white students attended tonight's prom instead of last week's "white only" prom.

"It turned out really well, I didn't even know this many people were coming, but I guess there was a lot of tickets being sold," says Quanesha Wallace, one of the prom's organizers, and a Wilcox County senior.

With the national attention came DJ's from Atlanta and Texas and the full red carpet treatment.  They've gotten so much in donations that they have enough left over to fund scholarships.

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