Macon Businesses Feel 'Need For Speed' Impact

7:53 AM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul at Ingleside Village Pizza. (Photo courtesy of IVP/Grace Bennett)

Filming for "Need for Speed" started back up in Macon over the weekend downtown and in Central City Park.

Macon businesses say they're already feeling the economic impact of the filming.

PHOTOS | 'Need for Speed' Takes Over Macon

The Hummingbird owner Tim Obelgoner said he fought for a chance to keep the backyard fence of The Hummingbird from getting tarped over.

Obelgoner welcomed the excitement of the movie and even made a special drink just for the cast and crew.

Ingleside Village Pizza got its chance to hang out with one of the main stars of the movie Aaron Paul.

Crews ended filming Saturday night. They said they are taking a break on Sunday and Monday.

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