Two Suspicious Bag Threats in Two Days

7:48 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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On Sunday, moviegoers at AmStar Cinema 16 in Macon were evacuated after someone alerted managers when they saw someone leave in the middle of a movie with a bag still sitting in a theater.

As it turned out, the bag was just diapers, but bomb squads were called in for the suspicious back.

The next day, as Pat Colbert was walking back from lunch to her job at City Hall, she saw a suspicious suitcase sitting nearby and alerted police.

Macon Police brought in bomb squads and detonated the suitcase, which also turned out to not be a threat.

Police say the incidents are not related, and the fact that there were incidents two days in a row is a coincidence.

Some people we spoke with say given recent events like the Boston bombings, they've been more alert when noticing possible suspicious activity. Other said instances like the movie theater could be an overreaction.

But, Macon Police insist, there is not such thing as a false call, and encourage people to speak up if they see something unusual.

"Why take the chance?," says Lt. Wilton Collins. "We've the equipment to identify a threat, then let's use it."

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