Severe Storms Possible across Middle Georgia

10:46 AM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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As a cold front pushes into Georgia this afternoon, a line of strong to severe thunderstorms should develop out ahead of it.

The heat and humidity will only add fuel to those we face another day with highs in the mid 90s and triple digit heat indices.

The main threat from today's storms would be damaging wind gusts of 60+ mph.  Winds that strong are capable of bringing down trees, and that threat will be amplified given the recent heavy rains.  The increased soil moisture means tree roots won't hold as strong as they would in drier conditions.

A secondary threat will be from large hail in the stronger storms, as well as frequent cloud-to-ground lightning.  Brief heavy downpours will also accompany the storms, so localized flash flooding is possible.

The storms should shift into north Georgia by the late afternoon.  The timing of this event in Middle Georgia should be roughly from 8pm - 2am.

As the storms will be moving from north to south, places like Forsyth, Macon, and Milledgeville will deal with the threats on the earlier end of that time scale.  Places like Dublin, Eastman, and McRae won't see the activity until sunset or even later.

Stay tuned to the Eyewitness Weather Team as we'll provide updates if any watches or warnings are issued.

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