DNR Getting Calls About Leeches at Lake Sinclair

8:16 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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During the summer, many at Lake Sinclair find themselves attached to the water. But recently, people have been complaining about something from the lake attached to them.

The Department of Natural Resources says in the past week alone, they've gotten five calls about leeches in the lake.

"You know when they got out of the water, they had little small like worms attached to their feet attached to their legs," says Steve Schleiger of the DNR's Fort Valley office.

He says leeches have become more noticeable because of environmental factors like the cool, rainy spring.

Leeches tend to stay near the shallow parts of the water near the shore, "looking for suitable hosts" when the water is disturbed.

One of those hosts was Taylor Sims, from Milledgeville. He's lived on the lake for the last 13 years, and never saw leeches until this year.

Recently, he says after swimming, his arms and legs had leeches stuck to them.

He showed us the dock where the leeches were, and after wading in the water for about a minute, his foot had two leeches.

But while they can be a nuisance, DNR says they're not dangerous.

"It's just like mosquitoes are always present in the outdoors, just something you have to put up with sometimes."

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