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Friends in Jones County Shocked by Lightning

6:20 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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Weather was intense Sunday night, but for some friends in Jones County, it was electrifying.

While repairing a truck with two friends David Moore said lightning struck the garage, knocking him away from the vehicle. Moore said his arms locked up and he's got the marks to prove it.

"I was doing a friend a favor and it cost me the shock of my life," said Moore.

Emergency crews treated both men, one of whom was crouched on the ground. Neither one wanted to go to the hospital.  For Moore, it's the second time he's been shocked by lightning, and hopefully the last.

Jones County Fire Chief Don Graham said they can't be sure if it was lightning that caused the shock. His crews walked around the garage searching for marks but couldn't find any.

He says that it's important to stay inside during bad weather.


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