Alligator Meat Popular at Central Georgia Butchers

7:00 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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Early Wednesday, a gator spotted near the entrance ramp to I-75 near Hartley Bridge Road became the third gator sighting in Bibb County in three weeks.

Experts say rain and mating season have led to the alligators becoming more visible.

Alligators are also popular to eat. At Butcher Boy's Meats on Pio Nono Ave. in Macon, they sell gator meat in packages for $15. Although expensive, they say it's one of their best sellers.

They describe the taste as similar to other kinds of seafood, but also that it takes the taste of whatever seasoning is put on it.

At Peacock Meat in Warner Robins, they sell gator tail, which they call a "novelty item."  Both places say sales of gator meat have also gone in recent years after the popularity of shows such as "Swamp People."

Despite the nearby gator sightings, for now, the meat comes from other parts of Georgia and Florida.  Butcher Boy's gets their meat from the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia, and Peacock's gets their from Florida via a dealer based in Wrightsville.

In Georgia, hunting gators is allowed in most counties from Bibb and below. Hunting season begins in early September and lasts through early October.

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