Student Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling

6:33 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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Wednesday was a big day in Washington D.C. when the Supreme Court deemed the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. And it was a happy day for 21-year-old Amanda Holliday, a student at Wesleyan College. 

Holliday is the president of GLBL, the gay lesbian, bisexual, alliances and other liaisons. She said that she found out about the ruling via text message. 

"It said DOMA was deemed unconstitutional and I just took a second because I wasn't sure if it was something put on a blog or if it was kind of joke or if there was speculation," said Holliday. 

But she said when she checked CNN that she knew it was true. 

"I know the first feeling was just like finally it was just like I am here for this," said Holliday. "I was hoping that I would be here for this. I hoped that we would see it in my lifetime."

Holliday said that she was the first person to tell her partner, Kendal Binion. Holliday said that although the two of them don't plan to get married she views it as a big step toward equality. 

"This one I could always look back and remember just being overjoyed that equality is happening slowly but it is occurring and it is happy," said Holliday. 

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