Macon Beer Co. Closer to Tapping into Local Market

7:53 AM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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Fourth of July is coming up and for some Americans, beer is on that menu.

On Monday, the Macon Beer Company got one step closer to manufacturing its brew. Co-owners Cory Smith and Jeremy Knowles, along with a friend, moved three fermenters. They each weighed 3,000 pounds and cost $15,000.  

The brewers hope to officially open by the end of the summer. While on the tour people will get to taste the beer in the taproom. They will also get to hang out in the beer garden and listen to live music.

Knowles said that what sets the company apart is that they are constantly changing a recipe for a specific beer.

Smith said they passed the state inspection and should get their license this week. That's when they can really get the brewing process going.

It's been more than two years of work coming to fruition. 

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