Steve Allen Ousted from Bibb County Board of Elections

1:41 PM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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The Bibb County Democratic Party had another shakeup this week.

At the regular monthly meeting Monday night, the party's executive committee voted to remove Steve Allen as one of the the party's representatives on the Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections.

The move came less than a week after Allen, vice chairman of the elections board, voted to hold the upcoming Macon-Bibb consolidated government elections in September instead of November.

Executive committee member Ronnie Miley confirmed that the group ousted Allen because he supported September elections.

That goes against what the executive committee wanted, said Miley, who also serves as a Democratic representative on the elections board.

Last week, the elections board voted 3-1 to have non-partisan elections on Sept. 17. Miley cast the dissenting vote, saying most Democrats favored November because more people vote then.

Allen agreed the vote cost him the election board seat.

"I think they're mostly mad because we're having non-partisan elections and there's nothing they could do about that," said Allen. "So, they lashed out at who was close at hand, and that happened to be me."

Allen said the local Democratic Party has lost several good people because of the power struggle in the party. 

"I have seen a lot of people leave the party over the last couple of years," Allen said. "I think there are a few people trying to control things now, and they're not representing Democrats in Bibb County as a whole."

Allen declined to name the people he thinks are trying to control the party. But he pointed out that the county's executive committee consists of 24 members.

He noted that the the two previous party chairs, Danny Glover and Daryl Morton, were forced out of their positions because they ran afoul of the executive committee.

Because of this, Allen said he wasn't surprised when the committee ousted him. 

"I expected it," Allen said. "I knew it was coming and I think their minds were made up. There's really nothing I could have said that would have changed it. I think people met independently before then and decided that was going to happen."

After Monday's ouster vote, Allen immediately resigned his position as a member of the executive committee.

Allen said he doesn't know what would be accomplished with his ouster, "but I guess if it makes them feel better, that's the way it is."

The Democrats selected retired educator John Swint as Allen's replacement on the elections board. The elections board will choose a new vice president from Swint and Miley.

The election board has five members. Two Democrats and two Republicans appointed by their respective parties. Those four chose an at large non-partisan member.

The parties rotate the chairman and vice chairman positions. This year, Republican Rinda Wilson serves as election board chair. She wasn't present last week when the board approved September elections.


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