Robins Employees Prepare for Furloughs

7:35 AM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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Furlough days will impact most civilian defense employees at Robins Air Force Base.

Workers are required to take one day off without pay for eleven straight weeks.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet spoke to one woman who's trying to help bridge the financial gap that those furloughs will bring.

Kim Thompson, a unit program coordinator for the 52nd combat communications unit on Robins Air Force Base says fear set in when she found out she would be furloughed from her job.
"The financial aspect of it is very scary, losing twenty percent of your income is serious," says Thompson.  

Especially when you're a single mom of three.  "I'll be losing about $600 a month in pay," says Thompson.  

That's when she turned to her mom, Cindy. "I just said what do you think about me coming to work for you on Fridays?"

Thompson's mother, Cindy Holmes is the president of Greenway Insurance in Warner Robins.

"You know she can't deduct one day a week from her rent or one day a week from her child care she's still got to pay all of those bills so this is a way for her to kind of offset that impact," explains Holmes.  

She says the impact of the furloughs is scary, because a lot of her clients are civilian employees on Robins, "They have to have car insurance they have to have house insurance how are they going to make those ends meet?"

Thompson says, "There's going to be a lot of cutback in the house for the next three months."

And over the next ninety days instead of working on the base Thompson will spend each Friday in her mother's insurance office.

Her mother hopes more businesses offer the same opportunity for others facing furloughs.

"Every one of those people that are employed on Robins have skills that can be used on this side of the fence just as easy as they can on that side," says Holmes.

Thompson says she's thankful for her mother's help.

Holmes says her insurance agency is prepared to work with her clients through their lack of income because of those furloughs.

Retired Gen. Robert McMahon, head of the 21st Century Partnership, estimates that the furloughs at Robins will take $50 million out of the Central Georgia economy.

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