Animal Shelter Quarantined to Prevent Parvo Outbreak

8:07 PM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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The Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare Shelter confirms a case of Parvo virus.

Shelter director Sarah Tenon says five puppies were euthanized and she put the shelter on quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.. 

The shelter had an Independence Day adoption special last week. Fees for spayed or neutered animals were waived. 

When Irving Martinez adopted Lexy, a six-week-old puppy, from Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare, he noticed something wrong.

"She was vomiting and defecating in the car," he says. 

He took her to the veterinarian, and she was diagnosed with Parvo. It's a highly contagious virus among puppies. 

Three days later, she died. 

Martinez contacted Tenon, about a possible Parvo outbreak.

"We look to see if they're eating, they're drinking. We watch poop all day long because it has a distinct smell. Unfortunately in Lexy's case, we didn't see those signs," says Sarah Tenon, the shelter's director.

Tenon tested the remaining puppies after finding out about Lexy's case. 

"We do have one case of Parvo here at the shelter," she says.

She also notified owners who took home puppies during the adoption special.

Tenon says animals, including Lexy, are given a basic 5-in-1 shot when they first arrive at the shelter. 

It's a way to help prevent Parvo but there are no guarantees. 

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