Animal Shelter on 3-Day Quarantine for Parvo

7:12 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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State inspectors stopped by the Macon Bibb Animal Shelter this morning to inspect the place.

According to shelter director Sarah Tenon, it will be quarantined for three days because of Parvo.

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The quarantine means the puppy section will be cleaned and disinfected. They're not taking in any new puppies.

Most animals coming in to the shelter are not updated on shots, that's a big reason for the infection.

"With the number of animals that come in and the different situations that they come in from, it's definitely common," she says.

At the first sign of Parvo, Tenon euthanized five puppies to prevent the virus from spreading.

Bibb County commission chairman, Sam Hart, has noticed the shelter's improvement and stands by Tenon's handling of the Parvo case.

"I think in terms of what is expected of that director she has conformed to that and is in compliance with our expectations," says Hart.

At a press conference this afternoon, Bibb County commissioner Joe Allen is holding the county responsible. 

"We should have done something as a board. We have not stood up to the plate to get to the bottom of this," he says.

He argues that if more attention was paid to the shelter's condition, more dogs could've been saved.

Last week, we told you about the shelter's Independence adoption special that waived fees for spayed or neutered animals.

One man adopted a 6-week-old  puppy who didn't last through the weekend.

Irving Martinez says he noticed that his new pet Lexy was sick and all the signs led to Parvo.

The quarantine ends Friday when the shelter will take in puppies again.

Parvo generally does not affect adult dogs.

So grown dogs are still available for adoption during the shelter.

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