Marchers Call for Action in Macon

10:48 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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Just under a hundred people marched from Central City Park in Macon to the federal courthouse on Mulberry Street on Tuesday.

Organizer Rasheeda Caldwell from Macon says it started as a Facebook conversation about the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, but it grew overnight into a call to action for people in central Georgia.

"This is not against Zimmerman," she says. "It's about standing for what we believe in, and it's about gun control laws and thinking about the violence that's going on in America."

Hope Latimore, who joined the group, says the march's message was for people of all races.

"Whether you're white, black, spanish, it doesn't matter what religion you are, but for us to get together to help our children and those that are lost," she says.

Caldwell says  all groups should be involved in politics, education, and the community.

"We want to stand up and be angry after something happens, so today I want people to know, let's not just vote because there's a black man running for president. Let's vote, let's be active in laws that are being passed. Let's find out what we need to know so we can be effective in our city," she told the crowd.

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