Macon Sonic Carhop Shows Off Skating Skills

6:26 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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If you head out to the Sonic out on Zebulon Road, staff say you'll enjoy more than the food. One of the employees knows a few tricks on wheels that some say they have never seen before. 

Fort Valley State University sophomore Aaron Jones said he learned how to skate before he could even walk. 

"When I first got here before I had a pair of shoes, I had a pair of skates, and I didn't really find myself on skates until I had to go to work. And I didn't have a car so I'm like, 'Okay I got some skates and I am going to skate to and from work,' and I started dancing. And it just made me feel really good," said Jones. 

Jones, who says his nickname is "Roll Bounce," said that you can find him skating at Sonic or on the streets of Central Georgia. 

"When I get on them and I am actually going I feel energized and I feel relaxed and excited all at the same time. It's a mixture of feelings. It's almost like flying," said Jones, " Imagine if you could come off the ground how you would feel bubbly like inside, that's what it's like every time I get on my skates. Woop like that." 

Jones says his father skated from Macon to Atlanta. Aaron says he wants to go even farther, but wants to do it for a cause and is waiting to find the right charity.

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