Three Arrested in String of North Bibb Car Break-Ins

11:03 PM, Jul 27, 2013   |    comments
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Three men have been arrested in connection with a string of vehicle break-ins in the north Bibb County area.

Bibb Sheriff's investigators arrested Blake Davis, Daniel Mermann and Camden Jones after seven different cars were broken into Monday night into Tuesday morning, according to a release. They are 19, 19 and 18 years old, respectively.

The sheriff's department says Mermann attempted to cash a reported stolen check from one of the vehicles at a check-cashing store in Macon.

The stolen check information led to identifying and arresting the three, they say.

Bibb Sheriff investigators and Macon Police detectives believe they may be involved in several different theft cases in Bibb County and Macon, according to the release.

Lt. Sean Defoe says the thefts took place in several North Bibb neighborhoods, including Rivoli Downs, Craddock Way, and Bradford Drive.  The teens lived in that neighborhood, and allegedly went around Monday night checking car doors to find more than 7 that were unlocked.

The Bibb Sheriff's office charged Jones with seven counts of Entering Auto. He was also charged with a Criminal Attempt Entering Auto and two counts of Entering Auto from Macon Police. He was out of jail this morning on a $13K bond.

Mermann was also charged with seven counts of Entering Auto and a count of Marijuana, misdemeanor. Macon Police also charged him with two counts of Forgery. 

On Thursday, investigators added more charges against Mermann - 2 counts of criminal attempt entering auto, 2 counts of entering auto, and 1 count of forgery.

Davis is charged with seven counts of Entering Auto. Macon Police also charged him with two counts of Forgery and one county Party to a Crime.

Davis was released on $13,000 bond Friday morning, but was rearrested for an additional 2 counts of criminal attempt entering auto and 2 counts of entering auto.  He's in jail on $13,650 bond.

Investigators recovered more than $10,000 worth of items, including everything from electronics to shoes, watches, knifes, and fishing requirements.  The owners have been notified so they can get them back.

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