Fort Valley State University Brings $157.2 Million to Central Ga. Economy

8:20 AM, Aug 4, 2013   |    comments
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Fort Valley State University brings in around 157.2 million dollars to the Central Georgia economy, that's according to a study conducted by the University System of Georgia. Some businesses in Fort Valley say they see that in their bottom line. 

At Valley Athletic Club in Fort Valley, owner, Wade Yoder, said FVSU students are big part of his business. 

"It has at least a 25% impact and an increase in business when the students come back in town and we always look forward to that," said Yoder. 

At downtown Fort Valley's new business Brooklyn's Unlimited, Glennice Dugger says students make up around 50% of her clients. Dugger says she chose to open her store in Fort Valley because of the University and it's potential to grow even more. 

"As a small business, anything you can add to the bottom line has a big impact, if it wouldn't be there then you could wind up in the red. It could make a difference on things," said Yoder. 

Now that impact doesn't just stay in Peach County. The University System of Georgia studies says FVSU economic impact reaches other Central Georgia counties including. Bibb, Houston and even Taylor.

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